We pride ourselves on honesty and expertise in reproductive services we provide.  Every client receives one on one individualized care and attention to the reproductive needs of their animals to help them achieve their production goals.

What It Means to work with a Theriogenologist, Veterinary Reproductive Specialist...

A theriogenologist is a veterinarian with advanced training in obstetrics, endocrinology, and reproductive technologies.  A theriogenologist has successful passed an exam in these areas of study qualifying them as a board certified reproductive specialist.  Dr. Rock became board certified in 2011 and is dedicated to providing clients with the most advanced reproductive techniques with a personal friendly touch.  

Mart up holds honesty and good client communication as the foundation to a strong doctor patient relationship.  When you call you will always hear Dr. Rock’s voice on the other end.

MART is dedicated to serving its clients with the most advanced reproductive technologies.