Bovine Services

Other Services
  • Ultrasound

  • Custom AI 

  • Infertility Work-up    

  • Frozen Semen Evaluation

Oocyte Pick Up

Our team consists of veterinarians trained in transvaginal oocyte pick-up.

In Vitro Fertilization

MART offers a full service bovine in vitro fertilization laboratory.  
The IVF lab is dedicated to customer service, honesty, and quality control.  The lab strives to achieve the best results for every individual client.  Our veterinary and lab staff will work with clients to best optimize their experience with IVF.  The lab accepts outside oocytes as well as ovaries obtained from postmortem ovaries.  Contact us for more information and scheduling.

Embryo Services

MART partners with Cross Country Genetics North, LLC to provide embryo transfer services, donor, and recipient management.

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Contact for More Information:

Clay Breiner, DVM


Kendra Rock, DVM, DACT